Technology supplier A Bet A has unveiled a new betting shop display product that finally removes the discrepancy between the odds shown on the tills and the customer’s screen.

The company’s Smart Screens prevent the sort of latency issues that have plagued the retail industry for years, becoming a major cause of customer dissatisfaction.

Other system benefits include cutting out the need for in-venue graphics control hardware and the need for expensive installation processes by an on-site technicians.

Deployed as gantry screens, multi-screens, customer service displays, and self-service terminals, the system also supports any mechanism of data delivery.

It can be used on existing graphics hardware infrastructures, but takes advantage of modern television that require no more complex equipment than is present in the operator’s own living room..

Controlled by the in-shop EPOS terminal, the Smart Screens prevent any risk of data relay and can be delivered where appropriate over a wide-area network to licensed end-users.

A Bet A Operations Manager Jason Hardman believes the technology will improve both the customer experience and save operators money. He said,

“TV hardware has moved on in the last few years and the promotion of betting and gaming information and data needs to move with it.

“It’s more important than ever that operators combine modern web and display technologies with their bet management systems to deliver media-rich content that really engages their clientele.

“We’re very confident the Smart Screens will do just that, and be a strong, complementary product welcomed by bookmakers of all shapes and sizes.

“As the screens will be driven directly from the EPOS system there will be no latency between the shop floor and till, which will be a real boon for customers too.”

As well as licensed betting offices, A Bet A’s Smart Screens also have the ability to provide in-venue display flexibility to Adult Gaming Centres, racecourses, sports stadia, and hospitality locations.

The company, which also supplies software for call centres and online transactions, finalised a deal earlier this year to allow British and Northern Irish bookmakers to bet into the UK tote pool.

The system is now being adapted to allow bookmakers in the Republic of Ireland to bet into the pool too, along with others overseas.