Using the System

How to void a bet.

In the Betty system go to 'Update Events'. Select the race and time of race thats to be voided. Next click the 'off' button followed by 'confirm'. Change the 'X' next to void to a tick by clicking it. To save the change click on 'Save result'. Finally click 'Settle' followed by 'Payout'

Certain permissions apply.

Missing event files, how to download from A Bet A.

You can download new event files from the A Bet A sports content site.

Select the event files you need by checking the boxes next to the file name. Click on 'Download' and save the files in your events folder (usually C:\events).

How to start the system from the desktop.

Before starting the Betty system start SIS. You can do this by clicking the 'SIS data feed' icon. You may now start the Betty system by double clicking the 'Betty' icon (usually a tree).

If you have import running as a seperate application (e.g. on a server) start this before logging in.

Why can I not enter a stake on the numeric keypad?

This is usually caused by Num Lock not being active. You can turn Num Lock on by pressing the Num Lock key located near the numeric keypad. Often there will be a light on the keyboard that indicates if Num Lock is active.