NetBetty: Overview


The web site is designed to give the user a friendly, interactive feel that is clear and consise.
This is acheived by the use of:

  • Menu tabs across the top
  • Event Types down the left hand side
  • Once logged in, a quick selection list

The home page is easily customized from within NetBetty

The home page content is customizable by the use of the BettyHPLinks Editor which allows you to keep your customers up to date with the latest events, without the need to send them to a news page. The page is split into six sections in which you can add html content (including images) to keep the site looking fresh and informative.

Search Facility

Customers can quickly search the site using the search facility in the left hand panel to get a list of events their selection appears in.

NetBetty's search facility is located in the left hand navigation panel

Events Display

Events can be displayed in multiple views to enable customers to place their bets quickly and easily.

List View

Meetings and times are listed in a grid format allowing the customer to quickly see what events are taking place. Events shown in italics indicate that event is complete and the results are available as shown below.

Events in list view

Events in list view

Meeting View

All events for the selected meeting are displayed on a single page, with a quick find list at the top of the page.

All event view

Single Event View

Selections can be displayed in either race card or odds order very quickly (See also account preferences)

Single event view


Lottery view

Our comprehensive cashier page allows the customer to manage their account by incorporating the following features:

Deposit/Withdraw funds
  • By credit card - Only deposits are automatically undertaken. Withdrawals are made by request which must be actioned by the bookmaker.
  • By wire transfer - Only deposits are automatically undertaken. Withdrawals are made by request which must be actioned by the bookmaker.
  • By mail - Use the notification page to inform the bookmaker of a impending cheque.

Manage funds screen

Change Password

Customers can quickly change their password at any time to ensure their account maintains optimum security.

Change password screen

Online Statements

A statement can be obtained at any time to allow customers to quickly see how their account is looking.

Online statement view

Details of any wager can be displayed by clicking on the reference number.

Wager detail view

Account Preferences

Customers can modify their personal settings in the Account Preferences section to enhance their online experience.

Account preferences view