For Shops

Betty Features

  • The most secure, reliable and fully functional product around.
  • Fast and accurate bet acceptance by callover, slip capture, or OMR of any type of coupon.
  • Self service terminals allow your customers to bet anytime, anywhere.
  • All EPOS sites can be linked to a central site in real time for complete control over betting opportunities and odds, and an up to the second business wide view of your liabilities.

BetMaker Features

  • Seamlessly integrated into A Bet A’s impressive betting shop EPOS system, leveraging all the advantages of A Bet A’s Bet Management technology.
  • Add five new BetMaker members to your shop team for the cost of one new member of staff.
  • Process and translate 10 bets a minute through one counter terminal: eliminate the need to translate bets in the back office.