BetMaker & BetMaker Plus

A Bet A has launched BetMaker & BetMaker Plus: a new force in the betting shop

Cost control in the betting shop operation has never been more important. But in containing costs you cannot afford to compromise customer service.

BetMaker terminal

A remarkable new innovation from A Bet A which enhances customer service and helps you to cut your operating costs.

BetMaker and BetMaker Plus is a self-service bet placement and/or bet preparation terminal and also a customer information terminal displaying real time odds and markets.

BetMaker, a bet preparation terminal allows the customer to browse and compile their bet, and to print out a pro forma betting slip for validation. The customer then takes the slip to the counter, it is scanned; they pay for and transact their bet, and in return receive a valid betting slip receipt. It’s fast, easy, free of mistakes, and takes away the burden of back office editing.

Process and translate 10 bets a minute through one counter terminal: eliminate the need to translate bets in the back office.

BetMaker Plus, a self-service bet placement terminal allows the customer to use their pre-paid card/ or betting voucher and enter their PIN at the bet placement screen. It’s fast, easy, and free of mistakes. Without the requirement for expensive kiosk hardware and the operational requirements of remote cash handling, it is the perfect means of implementing low-cost and efficient self-service betting.

N.B. In order to conform with the requirements of the Gambling Act 2005, operators in Great Britain cannot use the Betmaker Plus as a self-service bet placement terminal without first removing any virtual sports content.

A small, modern, attractive, easy to use touch screen terminal which can be conveniently placed anywhere in the shop’s customer area.

BetMaker and BetMaker Plus work with A Bet A’s impressive betting shop EPOS system, leveraging all the advantages of A Bet A’s Bet Management technology.