O'Meara Sports betting, Athlone, Ireland

Dear Jason,

I am writing to you to pass on our compliments and gratitude to your Technical Support Team members in ABETA. I trust you will pass on my email to the correct Department and go on file.

Here at O' Meara Sports betting, We are a small Family Run Business. We are the only Independent Bookmakers in Athlone Town and moved over to the ABETA System in August 2008. Moving to Computerized sustem was an expensive move and very difficult to learn for some of us but very necessary and worthwhile. Obviously, with everything computerized; we were bound to run into problems. This is where your Support Team come into play and the reason for this email. Understandably we pay a fee for this Service which is well worth the money we part with! Your Staff really earn their Wages- well and above!!

We have phoned ABETA Support numerous times over the last few Years whenever we've needed help. I memorised the entire international phone number very quickly! I must say that your Staff are extremely efficient and knowledgable with Betty and all types of Computers, Operating Systems, Printers and Scanners etc.

For the first few months, we received help with further training, glitches needed tweaking or issues remotely on Computers that sent us feeds etc. Also, we caused malfunctions in the normal running the programmes on the Computer ourselves without realizing.

There were situations when we couldnt recieve files or updates due to Modem, PC and antivris firewalls etc that just decided to make hell of the day! Many times, we had errors that we couldnt find any cause for. Some Days I rang your Staff convinced I knew what the problem was-( I was very often wrong!) Plenty of times I phoned frustrated with my basic knowledge of computers though I know 100% more than Joe! Often, I was already frustrated by the time I spoke to a support team member because our issues were causing delays in editing bets, recieving updates, accessing files etc. etc.

Every single time Joe or I spoke to someone, we recieved 100% attention by phone and remotely. Even when I wasn't in the least bit calm, all of your colleagues were!

I'm sure I was fairly annoying by times and yet, your Staff never made me feel that my call was wasting their time. The Staff that Joe or I spoke to used various methods(skype, phone, notebook,teamviewer,email,radmin etc) to expertly solve the error they were faced with. They were courtious and always obliging. I know that they often went way above their remit to help us.

I am well aware that your Staff are not obliged to assist us if we unwittingly cause problems to our computers. They are Support Staff to assist in the smooth running the Betty Programme and betting files and so on. However, sometimes in order to see the root of the problem in our Systems; it could take several minutes of investigation.

Even when it was discovered that a new programme we'd added or an incorrect setting etc was the cause; your Staff would help us out of the maze and enable us to correct the situation. For these times I am extrememly appreciative. For all of days we have phoned and recieved the assistance of your Staff, including the issues solved today; I am so Thankful and relieved!

I cannot say enough how reliable and efficient your Staff are in helping bookmakers solve the issues that crop up. I am fully aware that we are only one business out of the many you deal with. It is very easy to put together an email of complaint and this is why I am typing a detailed email complimenting your dedicated Support Team Members for their assistance to us throughout the last four years.

Yours Sincerely,
Erica O' Meara
O' Meara Sports Betting